Tilray & Aurora

Tilray and Aurora are my two favorites in the Cannabis sector. Draft Kings & Penn are my fav’s in Gaming. No picks in Travel or Pharma, yet. (jmho) Watch your investments closely throughout the trading days over the next couple of weeks and sell at the first sign that a stock is about to go back down. Again, (JMHO), the “Squeeze” and the “Short Squeeze” we’ve seen inflate some stocks and make many small fortunes failed to manipulate Silver but that does not mean that they do not have to power to manipulate more stocks like GameStop. Pay attention to your portfolios and don’t be afraid to sell – even if, you buy back tomorrow.

Stephanie’s Stock Picks

Stephanie’s STOCK Picks

Stephanie’s Cannabis Stocks Picks are Tilray & Aurora followed by Canopy Growth. As the three settle in for long term gains Stephanie finds them perfect for the day trader or the long investor.

Rid Aid is a Pharma stock that’s doing well. Stephanie’s keeping an eye on it.

Inovio Pharma is currently a bit down, but that’s always a good time to put a few dollars in and wait to see what happens. Stephanie’s been watching Sorrento Theraputics go up and down and while she’s out of Sorrento at the moment she plans to get back into it soon and buy on the dip. Maybe even put a few more dollars into Inovio Pharma? We’ll have to wait an see what happens with the pharma stocks.

Stephanie watches the Air Travel stocks. She recently sold off her Boeing, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. However, she’s watching them closely and may jump back into those stocks in the future as COVID comes to a conclusion and travel returns.

Stephanie likes to watch the Gaming stocks. Stephanie holds a position in Las Vegas Sands. She’s recently sold of Wynn Resorts & Matriott International. She watches those gaming stocks; and, she watches Caesars Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, and MGM Resorts.

Cannabis, Pharma, Gaming, and Air Travel are the four areas that Stephanie watches regularly and will share her picks with you!

Redefining Life after 2020


In the modern age of technology, COVID, and social distancing, many people are re-evaluating their lives. People are setting new priorities, exploring new hobbies, and experiencing the natural world in a new way. This extreme change in how people are living creates many stresses; yet, it also offers an opportunity to redefine who and what we value.


Girlfriend Getaways During a Pandemic – by Stephanie Annis


Girlfriend Getaways During a Pandemic

It’s been many months since the pandemic hit and pandemic fatigue is starting to take over. Do you find yourself asking, “Where can I go for a getaway and still be safe?” Are you missing your girlfriends and need a girl’s weekend? It is possible to enjoy a vacation with a few extra precautions. So, get ready for that rejuvenating weekend with your best gal pal because I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to stay safe while enjoying a quick getaway.


Balance Through Scheduling


Balance Through Scheduling


A mom has many jobs. Moms scrub floors and nurse scrapped knees all while balancing checkbooks and stocking the pantry. Today’s woman is on the go from the time she wakes up until the time she falls asleep. To help moms and women around the globe create some balance, here are three easy tips that you can incorporate into your life.

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Poetry Festival – Published

Stephanie’s poetry published by Poetry Festival includes:

It’s my pleasure to share with you two published poetry pieces by Stephanie Annis.

March 25th, 2018 – Alone

Alone in the dark of night
No thoughts of a future in sight
Life is drab and thoroughly sad
So scared of the things daily life brings
No longer part of the grind
Feel like I’ve lost my mind
Darkness abounds
No friendly faces around
Wondering with fear
What criminals are lying near
Preparing weapons
Kitchen knives and Teflon
Thinking, a gun
I should have bought one
Wondering in my heart
Why this fear life imparts
Knowing its clear
This weirdness developed over years
As I struggled and fought
Learning control we have not
Though, we strive to present
This perception of strength


Oct. 31st, 2018 – Tides

The world is hard, cold, and dark.
The light fights with the night.

Sun, moon, and stars we see from afar.

The distance makes them small.
Sometimes, they look like they could fall.

Mystery is mystical.
Intriguing, uniquely full.

What is with this night?
I’m itching for a fight.

Maybe it’s just the tides.
They can create great divides.

Magic from the gods.
Secrets that make us odd.

Truth in all we see.
Truth in you and me.