Stephanie Annis


Copywriter and Consultant

Stephanie Annis is a copywriter and consultant available to help you on your journey to success. Stephanie’s training encompasses a broad range of educational programs. Stephanie completed her undergraduate degree in business and began work with cannabis advocacy organizations while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today, Stephanie is based in Las Vegas!

Stephanie has a Master’s in Fine Arts from Full Sail University along with a Master’s in Business Administration & Master’s of Science in Leaderships from Grand Canyon University. She has a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management and an undergraduate certificate in accounting. Stephanie’s wealth of education and experience makes her an ideal consultant for any project.

Stephanie’s resume demonstrates a commitment to excellence and community. Please enjoy viewing the table reads of Stephanie’s screenplay examples in the menu bar and below. View Stephanie’s  journalism archives and the relating published photographs through Pinterest! Stephanie’s available to consult and waiting for your call!


me 3
Las Vegas Business Press 2014-2016

Stephanie’s Screenplay Displays

Stephanie’s Award Winning Projects!!!!

Dab A Duck Tape

Olivia & Boris – Taking Risks

Sanctuary City




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