Sanctuary City

Sanctuary City

by Stephanie Annis

The Sanctuary City friends come together and find inventive ways to improve the butterfly sanctuary they call home. While the overseer Zen Ben tries to find funding to fix some of the infrastructure issues, Becky Butterfly and Lily Ladybug come up with their own ideas to help improve the place they call home! Watch and find out who wins the philanthropy awards that will fund the needed improvements.


Written as Stephanie’s MFA Graduate Thesis,  Sanctuary City was developed with the hope of turning an animation into a motivational movie to encourage community activism. Sanctuary City won “Best New Writer” in 2017 at the Action on Film Festival hosted in Las Vegas. Sanctuary City was listed as a May 2018 Winner on WildSound. And, Sanctuary City was listed as one of the Top 20 scripts for 2018 on the WildSound.

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