Stephanie’s Stocks Picks

It’s Feb. 2021 and Stephanie’s decided to share some of her favorite stock picks, stock evaluation methods, and personal thoughts regarding investing in stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Stephanie enjoys following the crypto market. Her favorite stocks currently are Cannabis, Pharma, Travel, and Gaming stocks. Stephanie hopes to see these markets expand.

Feb 10th, 2021

Stephanie’s Predictions

Stephanie believes that we will see Bitcoin hit $100,000 within 6 months (Sept 1st, 21)

Investing – Stephanie put less than $10, averaging $5, in each of these stocks yesterday; today, she’s already seeing a return.

The use of Cash.App to purchase stocks $1 at a time gives the average guy a chance. Cash.App will not allow day trading; so, in some cases you do have to wait a day to cash out. Stephanie’s Top Cannabis Stock Pics are Tilray & Aurora.

“Yes, it’s only pennies. Yes, I only put in a few dollars. No, this isn’t a get rich quick idea. This is simply where I share my thoughts. Nobody is obliged to agree or follow.” – Stephanie

Stephanie’s STOCK Picks (02-10-21)

Stephanie’s Cannabis Stocks Picks are Tilray & Aurora followed by Canopy Growth. As the three settle in for long term gains Stephanie finds them perfect for the day trader or the long investor.

Rid Aid is a Pharma stock that’s doing well. Stephanie’s keeping an eye on it.

Inovio Pharma is currently a bit down, but that’s always a good time to put a few dollars in and wait to see what happens. Stephanie’s been watching Sorrento Theraputics go up and down and while she’s out of Sorrento at the moment she plans to get back into it soon and buy on the dip. Maybe even put a few more dollars into Inovio Pharma? We’ll have to wait an see what happens with the pharma stocks.

Stephanie watches the Air Travel stocks. She recently sold off her Boeing, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. However, she’s watching them closely and may jump back into those stocks in the future as COVID comes to a conclusion and travel returns.

Stephanie likes to watch the Gaming stocks. Stephanie holds a position in Las Vegas Sands. She’s recently sold of Wynn Resorts & Matriott International. She watches those gaming stocks; and, she watches Caesars Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, and MGM Resorts.

Cannabis, Pharma, Gaming, and Air Travel are the four areas that Stephanie watches regularly and will share her picks with you!