Tilray & Aurora

Tilray and Aurora are my two favorites in the Cannabis sector. Draft Kings & Penn are my fav’s in Gaming. No picks in Travel or Pharma, yet. (jmho) Watch your investments closely throughout the trading days over the next couple of weeks and sell at the first sign that a stock is about to go back down. Again, (JMHO), the “Squeeze” and the “Short Squeeze” we’ve seen inflate some stocks and make many small fortunes failed to manipulate Silver but that does not mean that they do not have to power to manipulate more stocks like GameStop. Pay attention to your portfolios and don’t be afraid to sell – even if, you buy back tomorrow.

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2017 – M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Full Sail University 2010 – Graduate Certificate, Nonprofit Mangement Eastern Michigan University 2007 – B.B.A. in Management from Cleary University 2005 – A.S. Washtenaw Community College – Phi Theta Kappa 2003 – Certificate Accounting – Washtenaw Community College

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